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About Us

We believe in investing in you

SkillEnable Edutech Private Limited aims to help India’s brightest young talent to become employable by skilling & financially enabling them. It aims to increase access to quality education in India.

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Our Services


Kick start your career in Data Science, Data Analytics, EV Design by getting on-hands experience from our highly experienced instructors through 100%  live online courses split over 24 weeks.

Holistic Development

We help you become job-ready by focusing on your CV Building, Networking Skills, Interview Skills, etc.

Placement Assistance

We constantly network and build relations with various MNCs in order to source job openings that are passed on exclusively to our candidates.

The Situation

  • A traditional college education is not providing any jobs.

  • Courses are not aligned with industry needs.

  • No focus on the employability of the candidates.

  • Candidates bearing huge course fees via savings or loans and getting stuck in a debt trap as they remain unemployed or employed at jobs at low salaries.

  • Skill India Initiative launched by PM Modi in 2015 aims to provide skill-based education to more than 400 million people by 2022.

  • Unfortunately, a large proportion of India's youth does not have the financial resources to access such quality skill-based courses.

The Solution

At SkillEnable, we are trying to bridge the skill gap between education and industry requirements. Easy access to quality education by financially supporting them.

  • Identifying and developing world-class industry-aligned courses focussed on enhancing employability. Soft skills enhancement is also a key goal of the program.

  • Linking the payment for the education to its outcome of getting a job.

  • Maximum focus on candidate's Employability.

Meet Our Founder

Nirpeksh Kumbhat is the founder of SkillEnable, a unique platform that enables the Indian youth to be a part of the skill-driven workforce. He is the man behind the vision of empowering the Indian youth for a passion-driven career. He holds a degree in M.Sc. Finance from The London School of Economics along with a B.Sc Finance degree from the University of Warwick.


In India, there has been a growing gap between college education and what the industry demands.

He founded SkillEnable in the year 2019 to ensure quality education to India's youth without them needing to worry about the high price of education.

Skilled-based education is extremely vital and unfortunately, not everyone can afford it. Hence, he founded this platform to Enable a Better Tomorrow.

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