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We believe in outcome-linked education. Our ultimate aim is to help you get your dream job and so you only pay us when you start earning.

SkillEnable aims to increase access to quality education in India. We bring to you specially designed employability-focused courses and make them accessible to all deserving candidates to bridge the gap between people who are looking for a job and companies who are willing to hire the candidate with right skills.

Live Online Classes

Tailor-made course structure to meet specific industry needs.

Data Science Course

Prime focus to enhance the employability of the candidate.

Data Science Live Course

Focus on job-relevant skill set training, networking skills, interview practice and other employability enhancing skill set training.

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Mehul Kumar Das
Mehul Kumar Das

Since the very beginning, it has been quite a journey for me.  The faculties have been so helpful and attentive towards each one of us. It is like a big family because the culture in Skillenable is such that even though I and my batchmates have not met each other, yet we help each other out in whatever way we can. All I will say is that crack the exams and put in your effort, rest, the faculties will take care of the doubts. :)

Surya Prakash Bihani
Surya Prakash Bihani

The most appreciable thing about Skillenable is its teaching methods and faculties. They try to mentor you in a way needed in your professional career.

If you have even a little interest in analytics and want to excel in this sector, I would recommend each student to join them.

Tirtharaj Mukherjee
Tirtharaj Mukherjee

People at Skillenable are polite and very helpful. Engaging and interactive classes. All my questions were entertained and concepts were clearly illustrated. Thoroughly enjoyed the classes. I recommend Skillenable for you, dear Reader.

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Our 100% Live Online classes,

Our learning methodology,

and, Our curriculum

are all designed to leave no stones unturned.

We make sure to provide the right technical skillset training with relevant tools that prepare you to face your interviews with all the confidence. 

We obsess over quality.

Training that takes you to success!



Our 100% Live Online training is designed to make you industry-ready.

We have a Lecture- Seminar - Live Case Study-Live Labs class format of teaching. 

Talk about getting a classroom-like experience,

you get it all here!

Made for all!





Are you a student? A working Professional? A Fresher? 

Don't worry! Our course caters to all.

With our curated to perfection - course and career track, we make sure you get a chance to upskill yourself.

Irrespective if you have a job, or looking for one - we cater to all. From students to working professionals. 

Join us to help you transform your career!