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SkillEnable will help you by referring you to our 300+ Hiring Partners. You will be prepared for technical interview rounds, Aptitude and Soft Skills Training, Portfolio building, Resume and Social Profiling, Job Connects, (Premium Referrals) to help you get placed in top companies.

Top Skill You Will Learn

SkillEnable focuses on developing you as the prime target of recruiters by developing interpersonal and interview skills along with a regular curriculum.

Who is this Program for?

Everyone who is motivated and enthusiastic to have a solid foundation in their data science journey. Young aspirants who are interested in transforming as data scientists and also working professionals planning to upgrade their skills.

Minimum Eligibility​

There is no Minimum Eligibility for this program. Anyone with a love for numbers can be a part of this course.

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Who cn do Data Science
Career on Data Science

Fundamentals of Data Science with Placement Track

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  • Introduction of Data Visualization using Tableau

  • Tableau Basics

  • Working with Sorting and Filters

  • Creating Dual Axis and Combo Charts

  • Table Calculations

  • Calculated Field

  • Logical Calculations

  • Date

  • ParaAdvanced Charts

  • Working with data

  • Sets

  • Bins/Histograms

  • Building dashboards

Week 1-4

  • Introduction to R

  • Data Handling in R

  • Overview of Analytics and Statistics

  • String and Character function in R

  • Linear Regression in R

  • Logistics Regression in R

  • Time Series

  • Clustering

  • Feature Engineering and Dimension Reduction

  • Decision Trees

  • Business Statistics

Week 4-8

  • Data Pre-Processing

  • Data Visualization in Python

  • Linear Regression

  • Discriminative Statistical Models: Logistic Regression

  • Time Series

Week 8-14

  • Introduction to Excel

  • Sorting

  • Filtering

  • Pivots

  • Lookup function

  • Conditional Formatting

  • Logical Operators and Functions

  • Data Validation

  • Text Functions

  • Dashboard

Week 14-16

  • Making Macro do Automated Tasks for You

  • Programming Concepts

  • Analysis Using VBA

  • Creating Dashboard

Week 16-20

  • Capstone Projects

Week 20-24

  • Case Studies from App Cab Aggregators, E-commerce, Sports Industry

  • Case Studies on Retail, Airline, Bank datasets

  • Case Study - Forecasting sales for retail

  • Case Study - Airline customer segmentation


  • Resume building

  • Tools focused interview

  • Email etiquette

  • Telephone etiquette

  • Linkedin profile building

  • GitHub profile making

  • Mock Interviews

Career Track

Unbeaten Salary

Data Science is the fuel of the 21st Century. The demand for data scientists is high, making it a lucrative career option.

Rising Demand

With ever-evolving consumption patterns and changing market scenarios - Companies are rapidly putting AI and ML at the core of their business and processes.

Top Skill

According to LinkedIn In 2020, Analytical, Data-Driven Skills like Artificial Intelligence reign supreme.

Evolving Discipline

Increased use of Data Science in areas of healthcare, Education, Agribusiness creates a huge demand for Data Scientists.

Our Payment Track

1. Data Science Training:

(Live classes, Workshops, 1:1 coaching, Projects, Doubt clearing sessions,  Seminars, case studies, regular assignments etc .)

₹50,000 +GST

2. Career Services

(Pay this only after placement)

(Aptitude and Soft Skills Training, Portfolio building, Resume and Social Profiling, Mock Interview Training, Career Coaching, Job Connects, Premium Referrals).

₹50,000 +GST 

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Fundamental of Data Science

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Fundamental of Data Science Course

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