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Foundation Course in Data Science

for Young Students

data science course

Adaptive Teaching


We provide a personalised learning experience based on the learning pace of the student.

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100% LIVE & Interactive

Our courses feature two-way interaction between students and teachers, making them more effective and impactful versus recorded lectures.

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Learn from the world's top experts.

You will learn and interact with top tier 1 expert trainers with 15+ years of experience

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Convenient & Safe

No need to travel, learn in the comfort & safety of your home

data science course online

Comprehensive Syllabus

We offer a unique curriculum solution for aspiring students to add their competencies to learn and grow as knowledgeable young minds.


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Build a college-ready Portfolio

Get College and Career Counseling from our 15+ years of Experienced Trainers

data science course in kolkata

Relevant Skill Set Training

Learn the most significant Data Science tools in 60+ hours of live training sessions split over 12 weeks.

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Unmatched individual attention

Personalised Mentoring for each student of the batch.

Course Details

Data Science Course
data science course with placement assistance
Advanced Excel Training Course
data science course in kolkata

About the Course!

This specially designed course is aimed to spark the interest of young individuals in the field of Data Science and Analytics. 

Data is all around us! This course has been tailor-made to nurture young minds to get an early start in their career & explore the most exciting field of the 21st century in a fun, interesting and interactive learning method.

Challenge yourself in this exciting world of Data Science and develop problem-solving, critical thinking and analytical skills which are necessary to tackle some of the biggest challenges of tomorrow!

Why Data Science is important for Young Students?

 In our ever-changing world, data is all around us!

Inspire young minds today to be the creators of tomorrow.

Enhances logical thinking and critical reasoning ability

data science course

Sharpens problem solving Skills

online data science course

Enhances the ability   to build and analyse

data science course with placement assistance

Increases focus and concentration

data science course online

Program Features!

Our next-generation virtual classroom transforms live online learning into an enjoyable and effective experience.

  • Descriptive Statistics

  • Inferential Statistics

  • Basic Econometrics


 Advanced Excel &VBA

  • Introduction to MS Excel

  • Cell RefBasic Functions and Usage

  • Sorting, Filtering, Advance Filtering, Subtotal

  • Pivot Tables and Slicers

  • Goal Seek and Solver

  • Different Charts Graphs,Vlookup,Hlookup, Match, Index

  • Conditional Formatting

  • Worksheet & Workbook Reference, Error Handling

  • Logical Operators & Functions – IF and Nested IF

  • Data Validation

  • Text Functions

  • Form Controls and Dashboards


  • Introduction to python libraries

  • Data Preprocessing

  • Explore machine learning algorithms

  • Supervised Learning Techniques and their implementation, for example, Decision Trees, Random Forest Classifier

  • Modelling Seasonality as Deviation, BoxJenkins and ARIMA

  • Construction of Decision Trees and generalizations

  • Ensembles and Neural Networks

  • Implementation of Linear Regression and logistic regression

  • Data visualization in python


  • Tableau Basics

  • Working with Sorting & Filters

  • Creating dual-axis and combo charts

  • Table Calculation and logical calculation

  • Creating interactive dashboards

  • Advanced charts

  • Drilling Up/Down using Hierarchies

  • Grouping

  • Building dashboards

  • Data Interpreter

  • Case Study

  • Spotify’s “This Is” Playlists: The Ultimate Song Analysis For 50 Mainstream Artists

  • Learn How Netflix Recommends Users exactly what to watch.

  • Learn How can you analyse the next Covid-19 3rd Wave Onset.

  • Learn how does Amazon decide their next expansion plan.

Case Studies

data science course in kolkata

Data Science is the Future

data science course in kolkata

Industries are data-driven and new innovations are being made every day. If you are motivated and passionate about technology and where it can lead you to, then starting early is very crucial. 

Develop Industry Relevant Skill- Sets

data science course

Don't restrict yourself to your school curriculum, rather develop your skill sets by working on relevant industry case studies and projects to predict, visualise and analyse the upcoming change in the economy, the environment and various trends & habits. 

Create an Unparalleled College Application

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Stand out from the sea of applications by challenging yourself academically and learning relevant skill sets to get an edge over your classmates during college applications.

Builds a College-Ready Portfolio

Skills & projects from your courses go here automatically.

Customize it as much as you want.

It's a great idea to send it to colleges, summer programmes, friends and family.

It's all yours!

data science course with placement assistance

Who is it for?

  • Specially designed curriculum for young aspiring minds from Class 10 - Class 12 or age between 14-17.

  • Candidates who have a propensity towards numbers and are curious to know how to analyse, visualise and predict.

  • Candidates with a passion to learn and challenge themselves. 

  • No prior knowledge or experience is required.

  • A vision to be successful and gain knowledge in life!

Our Payment Plan

Curriculum Includes:

Data analytics tool- Advanced Excel

Coding- Python & VBA

Data Visualisation- Tableau

100% Live Interactive and fun classes

Personalised Learning Experience

Learn from the best in the world.

data science course in kolkata


This Includes:

(A) Training

Live classes, Workshops, 1:1 coaching, Projects, Doubt clearing sessions, Seminars, case studies, regular assignments.

(B) College Counselling Services

Aptitude and Soft Skills Training, Portfolio building, Resume and Social Profiling, College Coaching, College Interview Preparation,

College Referrals.

Personalized Learning is the foundation of our unique program for young and bright students.


  • Using knowledge graphs, the program adapts and creates a personalized learning experience for students.

  • It provides comprehensive coverage of concepts with detailed videos and questions and fun quizzes.

  • Based on the student's progress, personal learning profiles are created which helps to analyse strengths and areas of key improvements.

  • Whenever mistakes are made, through comprehensive teaching experience, the students overcome all the challenges and improve on weak areas.

Personalised Learning with SkillEnable