Frequently Asked Questions

Hit the Career Transformation bullseye by joining the Data Science Online Course. 

Have Questions? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions

Our Deep Dive in Data Science, ML & AI course is 24 weeks long.

Class timings for different batches will differ.

Tentatively classes are held during weekdays from 7-9 PM in the evening.

Yes, if you have missed a class you will be provided with a recording of the class.

Our Deep Dive in Data Science is a 100% Live Online Program with a fixed schedule hence we expect full attendance across all lectures and assignments from all students joining our program.

Our classes are in a part-time manner where students and working professionals can easily learn with us along with their current job/education.

The program however has a fixed schedule and students will have to adhere to the same.

Remedial classes would be conducted for the students who have missed classes due to their exams. The exam schedule should be sent to SkillEnable at least one and half months prior to the exam.

Industry endorsed and globally recognised Co-Branded Certification from KPMG in India and Skillenable would be provided to the candidate after the successful completion of the program.

If you are interested in our Deep Dive In Data Science, ML, and AI Course, you can apply here.

English is used as the primary mode of communication.

A minimum of 90% attendance is required to complete this course. Regularly attending lectures and other sessions is a necessity to successfully complete the course.

Yes, the course is for any candidate who wishes to develop the skillset for Data Science and wishes to pursue this as a career later.

The program has been designed in a manner where it would be beneficial for both experienced and inexperienced coders.

SkillEnable will understand from the candidate the reason for failing the exam and will provide them with doubt clearing sessions and added materials.

Upon completion, the candidates will have to sit for a backlog exam after 3 weeks.

Currently, SkillEnable only provides 100% Live Online Classes. You can study from anywhere as long as you have good internet connectivity and a decent computer/laptop. You do not need to move or spend time commuting. We will keep you updated in case we have any offline classes, workshops or webinars.

Yes! With small batch sizes, we ensure you are getting enough attention during the class and you can also get help online in our discussion forum from our Trainers and Teaching Assistants.

  • Graduates/Postgraduates/Final year students from the field of different fields of engineering, computer science, economics, statistics & mathematics.

  • Candidates who have an inclination towards mathematics and statistics and/or computer programming are eligible.

  • The ideal age bracket is 22 - 29.

  • Should bear necessary soft skills or interpersonal qualities.

  • Working professionals are also preferred from the above-mentioned streams.

  • Should be ready for an extremely intensive and demanding program.

  • Should be a motivated individual who is looking to get hired in the data science industry or switch their career in the field of data science.

  • It is to be noted that prior knowledge of computer programming is NOT REQUIRED for this course.

Absolutely, we would love to have you with us.

The entrance test requires basic knowledge in subjects like Mathematics and Statistics. The entrance assessments are designed to ensure a high-quality candidate for this elite program. We also test other strengths such as logical reasoning, general knowledge, and overall aptitude as our main goal is to find a highly motivated individual.

College grades and your performance in our entrance test will be equally important.

For every batch, a new set of assessments will be conducted. So even if you have given the assessments earlier, you’ll have to give the assessments again to be a part of the new batch.

No, there is no fee for appearing for our multi-stage Entrance tests.

Since our students join us from PAN India, all tests conducted by SkillEnable are Online.

Students can only appear once for the entrance test for a particular batch. Students can reapply only after 3 months if they fail to qualify our selection process.

You are free to stay in your current organization. The ISA is activated as long as you are earning equal to or more than the minimum guaranteed CTC.

Our alumni are currently working at 200+ Analytics and Data Science companies including Capgemini, Amazon, J.P. Morgan, ITC, Genpact, PwC, Saarthee, Neenopal, Bridgei2i, Griffyn Robotech, Save by Switching, Soft Sensor AI, and Honeywell. You will be actively referred to all our hiring partners.

The candidate will be actively referred to the companies until he/she successfully secures a job with the minimum guaranteed CTC. We will also help you do significantly better in campus placements, and identify opportunities across other mediums.

You have a choice to select the company you wish to work with. However, our promise of offering you a referral is fulfilled after you have received one qualifying offer.

You begin your recruitment process with us in the third month of course tenure and therefore it is likely that you will get an offer while the course is still in process. The terms of the ISA don’t change. You sign the ISA at the beginning and we consider any job or increment that you have received after you have joined our program to be attributable to the course, and therefore the ISA works just as it would if you got a job right after the program.

The actual placement process begins on the completion of the course and after you complete your 3 Months internship programme with our Hiring Partners (for freshers). However, the preparation for placement starts from the 1st month of you joining the program and runs alongside to the end of your curriculum.

We have active representatives in numerous institutions and companies. Moreover, we believe in building relationships of trust and transparency with our students.

You can choose not to accept the first offer you receive. However, if the offer qualifies the Minimum Guaranteed CTC amount then your ISA Obligation will get activated.

There is a possibility that a lot of good job opportunities that meet our criteria for placement might not be available in your hometown. So the candidates have to be flexible to relocate if they join our learning program.

Selected candidates will pay the registration deposit at the beginning of the programme. The registration deposit amounts to Rs. 10,000+ GST. This deposit will be fully refunded back to the students upon the completion of the ISA obligation. The total fee for the programme is capped at 2,50,000 + GST, to be paid in the ISA format (17.5% of the monthly salary for a maximum period of 36 months).

17.5% or Rs. 8195 (whichever is higher) of the monthly salary is to be paid. CTC includes variable and non-variable components.

You would be actively referred to our hiring partners for 2 years after the learning program is completed. If you are not earning the minimum CTC, you will not be liable to pay us.

No. Your monthly repayable course fee after your ISA is activated would not change with a hike in our current job. 

Since the candidate is already paying us in the ISA Format which is a percentage of your CTC payable per month, there is no different EMI option available. 

You would have to continue paying us. We will actively assist you with any placement related needs for up to 2 years post completion of our program.

You are liable to start paying once you have a qualifying offer (i.e. offer with CTC greater than or equal to the minimum guaranteed CTC).

If SkillEnable finds your reasons genuine then you would be given the necessary assistance. It would not indemnify you from your payments but we will assist you if your case is genuine.

Income Share Agreement or our “Outcome Linked Payment” option is one where we invest in the future of our aspiring students by linking the payment of the course to its outcome of earning a sustainable amount of income i.e Minimum Guaranteed CTC. Candidates pay us only after they start earning equal to or more than the minimum guaranteed CTC.

The selected candidates pay a refundable deposit of Rs. 10,000+ GST at the beginning of the programme. This deposit is fully refunded back on the completion of the ISA obligation. The ISA activates once the candidate earns equal to or more than the Minimum Guaranteed CTC. 17.5% or Rs. 8195 (whichever is higher) of the monthly salary (for a maximum period of 36 months) is to be paid until the candidate reaches the payment cap at 2,50,000 + GST.

There is no registration fee for the programme. The selected candidates pay a refundable deposit of Rs. 10,000+ GST. This amount is fully refunded back after the completion of the ISA obligation.

You will start paying from the time you get your 1st salary after the completion of your training program. (if salary meets minimum CTC criteria as pre-agreed).

As per the ISA, you will be legally bound to furnish all the documents relevant to your Income such as Offer Letter, Salary Slips, Income Tax Returns, Bank Statements, etc as and when we require.

Yes, your ISA obligation will continue even if you change your current job until you reach the Payment Cap amount.

  • If for any reason you drop out in the first 2 weeks: NO ISA OBLIGATION.

  • If for any reason you drop out between weeks 2 and 12: You are liable for course fees on a Pro Rata Basis.

  • If for any reason you drop out between weeks 12 and 24: You are liable for the entire amount owed to us as per ISA.

ISA is not a loan so there is no interest rate.

After your ISA is activated post receiving a qualifying offer, you will have to sign an E-mandate to pay your monthly installments seamlessly.

Students are assigned mentors based on candidate-specific strengths and weaknesses.

Yes, if the candidate’s age is above 30, he/she can still apply for this program. The candidate’s profile, experience, and a lot of different factors are used to assess the final selection of the candidate along with the assessments and hence the age is not the only selection criteria.