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SkillEnable focuses on developing you as the prime target of recruiters by developing  interpersonal and interview skills along with regular curriculum.

Become a Target Hire

SkillEnable focuses on developing you as the prime target of recruiters by developing interpersonal and interview skills along with a regular curriculum.

Industry Relevant Tools

Get hands-on learning experience of various relevant industry tools and also practice real-life cases studies and Capstone projects using the Latest Data Science tools.

Tailor-made Curriculum

Individual candidate focused curriculum and soft skill enhancement.

Who is it for?

  • Graduates/Postgraduates/Final year students from the field of Computer Science, Engineering, Economics, Statistics & Mathematics.

  •  Should bear necessary soft skills or interpersonal qualities. Working professionals are also preferred from the above-mentioned streams

  • Candidates who want to take on real-world data challenges and gain a comprehensive understanding of Data Science.

  • Sorting, Filtering

  • Pivots, Lookup function

  • Conditional Formatting

  • Logical Operators and Functions

  • Data Validation

  • Text Functions

  • Dashboard

  • Case Study

Week 1-3

  • Task Automation (Macro)

  • Logic, Statement, Loop Creating user-defined functions

  • Creating a user interface using form controls

  • Creating Dashboards

Week 4-6

  • SQL Queries and Relational Database Management

  • Relational Database Fundamentals

  • DDL

  • DCL

  • DQL

  • DML

  • Merging

  • Joining Sorting

  • Indexing

  • Creating Database models

  • Case Study

Week 7-9

  • Tableau Basics

  • Working with Sorting & Filters

  • Creating dual-axis and combo charts

  • Table Calculation and logical calculation

  • Creating interactive dashboards

  • Advanced charts

  • Drilling Up/Down using Hierarchies

  • Grouping

  • Building dashboards

  • Data Interpreter

  • Case Study

Week 10-12

  • Data Handling

  • Overview of Analytics & Statistics

  • String and Character Functions

  • Linear and Logistics

  • Regression in R

  • Clustering concept & Case Studies

  • Featuring Engineering and Dimension

  • Reduction

  • Decision Trees

  • Statistical Concepts and Forecasting (Predictive Analysis)

Week 13-15

  • Data Visualisation in Python

  • Linear Regression

  • Discriminative Statistical Model

  • Time Series, Decision Trees

  • Instance-based learning

  • Ensembles, Neural Networks

  • Clustering

  • Support Vector Machines

  • Model Selection and Advanced Regression

  • Deep Learning and Neural Networks and TensorFlow

Week 16-18

  • Case Studies

  • Capstone Projects

Week 19-21

  • Resume building

  • Email etiquette

  • Telephone etiquette

  • Linkedin profile building

  • GitHub profile making

  • Mock Interviews

Week 21-24

Course Details

Unbeaten Salary

Data Science is the fuel of the 21st Century. The demand for data scientists is high, making it a lucrative career option.

Rising Demand

With ever-evolving consumption patterns and changing market scenarios - Companies are rapidly putting AI and ML at the core of their business and processes.

Top Skill

According to LinkedIn In 2020, Analytical, Data-Driven Skills like Artificial Intelligence reign supreme.

Evolving Discipline

Increasing use of Data Science in areas of Healthcare, Education, Agribusiness industries creates a huge demand for Data Scientists.

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