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Python and SQL is most in demand tools of the 21st Century. The demand for SQL and Python is high, making it a lucrative career option.

Rising Demand

Python and SQL is growing in a big way and that’s a good sign to start learning these tools. It is the biggest reason why python and sql is preferred for data science in 2021. Data science has a huge job vacancy with a lack of people with the right skill set.

Top Skill


While Data Scientists today have an ever-expanding list of toolkits, languages, libraries and platforms at their disposal, two mainstays––Python and SQL are likely to remain staples of data analysis for years to come.

Evolving Discipline

Over the years the demand for Python and SQL developers has steadily increased. With the growing demand for these Developers, the annual salary has bumped in the fields of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, web development, and Machine Learning.

Why Python and SQL Training?

Deep Dive in Data Science

 with Python and SQL 

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Get trained by Industry Experts with our highly recommended 3 months training program in SQL and Python.

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SkillEnable focuses on developing you as the prime target of recruiters by developing  interpersonal and interview skills along with regular curriculum.

Become a Target Hire

SkillEnable focuses on developing you as the prime target of recruiters by developing interpersonal and interview skills along with a regular curriculum.

Get Hands On Learning Experience

Get hands-on learning experience of the most relevant industry tools like Python and SQL and also practice real-life cases studies and Capstone projects.

Tailor-made Curriculum

Individual candidate focused curriculum and soft skill enhancement.

Who is it for?

  • Graduates/Postgraduates/Final year students from the field of Computer Science, Engineering, Economics, Statistics & Mathematics.

  •  Should bear necessary soft skills or interpersonal qualities. Working professionals are also preferred from the above-mentioned streams

  • Candidates who want to take on real-world data challenges and gain a comprehensive understanding of Data Science.

Learn Deep Dive in Data Science

Training from highly experienced instructors.

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Live Classes on Data Science

10+ hours of exhaustive holistic development training and one to one mentoring.

Industry Experts

Learn over 4 industry-relevant tools.


Income Sharing Mode of Payment available for top deserving students.

Course Details

Why Income Share Agreement is Unique & Helpful?

  • ISA  is an arrangement where you get an opportunity to Learn now and pay the full course fee only after you start earning a sustainable amount of income which is the minimum guaranteed CTC for us. 


  • ISA saves you from worrying about traditional education loans or using your savings and getting trapped in debts, in case, you do not get a high-paying job.


  • You do not have to pay us anything if you do not start earning with a minimum guaranteed CTC.


  • Course fee payment is directly linked to the outcome of the course.

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  • Pay 0 tuition fee until you are placed with a Minimum Guaranteed CTC.

  • 100% live online Training.

  • Taught by 15+ years of experienced Industry Experts.

  • Apply your skills with hands-on projects & Case Studies.

  • No prior coding experience is required to do this course. 

  • Industry Approved Certificate upon completion.

Top Companies that Hire From Us!

SkillEnable has 300+ Hiring partners who have hired our students for roles like Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Associate, Python & ML Expert, Subject Matter Expert in Data Science, Product Managers, Junior Manager, Financial Analyst & Quality Analyst.


SkillEnable's Minimum Guarantees:


What's better than guaranteed success?


At SkillEnable, promises come before payments. We charge fees only when you start earning equal to or more than the Minimum guaranteed CTC.

Program Features!

Document Verification 

Students will have to submit documents for verification for their credit profiling.

Registration & ISA Signing

Students selected by a final interview by experts will sign the ISA and start the course.

Online Assessment &Interview

Students will go through an assessment on Quantitative, Critical Reasoning, and Interpersonal skills followed by an Interview.


Filling an extensive application forms with academic, professional  and personal background.

Our Selection Process


It's an Intensive and Elite 3 Months Program with an Extensive Selection Process.


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  • Sorting, Filtering

  • Pivots, Lookup function

  • Conditional Formatting

  • Logical Operators and Functions

  • Data Validation

  • Text Functions

  • Dashboard

  • Case Study

Week 1

  • SQL Queries and Relational Database Management

  • Relational Database Fundamentals

  • DDL

  • DCL

  • DQL

  • DML

  • Merging

  • Joining Sorting

  • Indexing

  • Creating Database models

  • Case Study

Week 2-4

  • Data Visualisation in Python

  • Linear Regression

  • Discriminative Statistical Model

  • Time Series, Decision Trees

  • Instance-based learning

  • Ensembles, Neural Networks

  • Clustering

  • Support Vector Machines

  • Model Selection and Advanced Regression

  • Deep Learning and Neural Networks and TensorFlow

Week 5-14

  • Case Studies

  • Capstone Projects

Week 1-14

  • Resume building

  • Email etiquette

  • Telephone etiquette

  • Linkedin profile building

  • GitHub profile making

  • Mock Interviews

Week 1-14