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Master all 3 essential elements – Statistics, Tools & Business Knowledge – with this complete hands-on & comprehensive program

Deep Dive in Business Analytics

Join Booming Data
Analytics Industry

SkillEnable focuses on developing you as the prime target of recruiters by developing  interpersonal and interview skills along with regular curriculum.

Become a Target Hire

SkillEnable focuses on developing you as the prime target of recruiters by developing interpersonal and interview skills along with a regular curriculum.

Industry Relevant Tools

Get hands-on learning experience of various relevant industry tools and also practice real-life cases studies and Capstone projects using the Latest Data Science tools.

Tailor-made Curriculum

Individual candidate focused curriculum and soft skill enhancement.

data science course with placement assistance
data science with python
data science course
data science course
data science course

Who is it for?

Recommended For:

  • Working Professionals

  • Graduates

  • College Students

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Should be ready for an extremely intensive and demanding program.

  • Should be a motivated individual who is looking to get hired as a Business Analyst.

  • What is Data Analytics?

  • What does Data Analytics. Involve?

  • Tools of data Analytics.

  • What is Machine Learning?

  • Where is Machine Learning used?

  • Job Roles

Unit 1 

  • Introduction to Tableau & Installation

  • Versions of Tableau & its' Utility
  • Importing Data & User Interface

  • Basics of Excel

  • Dimension & Measure

  • Introduction to Tableau Commands

  • Discrete Vs. Continuous Data

  • Aggregations in Tableau

  • Creating Charts

  • Types of Charts

  • Bar Charts

  • Stacked Bar Charts

  • Line Charts

  • Scatter Plot

  • Area Charts

  • Pie Charts

  • Tree Maps

  • Heat Maps

  • Bubble Charts

  • Bullet Charts

  • Box & Whisker plots

  • Pareto Charts

  • Histograms

  • Gantt Charts

  • Donut Charts

  • Funnel Charts

  • Waterfall Charts

  • Tableau Storyline

  • Set, Parameters & Groups

  • Tableau IF Statements

  • Case Statements of Tableau

  • Tableau Functions

  • String Function

  • Table Calculations

  • Rank Functions

  • Aggregate Functions

  • Date Functions

  • Window Sum

  • LOD Expressions

  • Look Up Functions

  • Fixed Functions

  • Count Distinct

  • Windows Functions

  • Sortings

  • Filters

  • Types of Filter

  • Dimension Filter

  • Measure Filter

  • Visual Filter

  • Context Filter

  • Create Dashboard

  • Design Dashboard

  • Adding Filters in Tableau Dashboard

  • Tableau Workbook

  • Reporting Tools

  • Story with Dashboard

  • Interactive Filter

  • Data Source Filter

  • Parameter Filter

  • Edit Data Source

  • Unions

  • Joins

  • Data Blending

  • Creating Set in Tableau

  • Pivot in Tableau

  • Forecast in Tableau

  • Map Layers

  • Tableau Group By

  • Hierarchy

  • Tableau User Group

  • Introduction to Tableau Prep

  • Data Connections

  • Visual Analytics and Case Study Problem statement discussion

  • Case Study and assessment solution discussion

  • Dashboard & Stories, Advanced Charts and Case Study Problem statement discussion

  • Case Study Presentation, Revision, Interview Preparation

Unit 2 

  • Introduction to Python

  • Computer Programming Data Types

  • Variables & Data Types

  • Basic Input-Output Operations

  • Basic Operators

  • Boolean Values

  • Strings

  • Lists & Tuples

  • Dictionary

  • Sets

  • Conditional Expressions

  • Loops

  • Logical and Bitwise Operations

  • Functions & Recursions

  • File Input & Output

  • Exceptions handling

  • Object Oriented Programming

  • Virtual environment & Python libraries

  • Some special functions in python e.g Lambda, bin, format, map, filter, reduce

  • Web scraping

  • Ipython

  • Jupyter

  • NumPy Array

  • Sorting Array

  • NumPy Universal Functions

  • Array Indexing: Accessing Single Elements 

  • Array Slicing: Accessing Subarrays

  • Reshaping of Arrays

  • Array Concatenation and Splitting 

  • NumPy Arrays: Universal Functions 

  • Aggregations: Min, Max, and Everything in Between 

  • Sorting Arrays

  • Fast Sorting in NumPy: np.sort and np.argsort 

  • Partial Sorts: Partitioning 

  • Structured Data: NumPy’s Structured Arrays 

  • Pandas Series Object 

  • Pandas DataFrame Object 

  • Pandas Index Object

  • Data Indexing and Selection

  • Operating on Data in Pandas 

  • Handling Missing Data

  • Hierarchical Indexing

  • Combining Datasets: Concat and Append 

  • Combining Datasets: Merge and Join

  • Aggregation and Grouping 

  • Pivot Tables 

  • Vectorized String Operations

  • Working with Time Series 

  • Motivating query() and eval(): Compound Expressions 

  • pandas.eval() for Efficient Operations 

  • DataFrame.eval() for Column-Wise Operations 

  • DataFrame.query() Method 

  • Visualization with Matplotlib

  •  Line Plots 

  • Scatter Plots

  • Scatter Plots with plt.scatter

  • Visualizing Errors 

  • Density and Contour Plots

  • Histograms, Binnings, and Density

  • Customizing Plot Legends, Colorbars

  • Multiple Subplots 

  • Text and Annotation

  • Configurations and Stylesheets

  • Three-Dimensional Plotting in Matplotlib

  • Basemap

  • Visualization with Seaborn

  • Matplotlib Vs. Seaborn

Unit 3

  • Sorting, Filtering

  • Pivots, Lookup function

  • Conditional Formatting

  • Logical Operators and Functions

  • Data Validation

  • Text Functions

  • Dashboard

  • Case Study

Unit 4

  • VBA Basics

  • Variables

  • Conditional Logic: IF AND SELECT CASES

  • Loops

  • Cells, Rows, Columns & Sheets

  • Massage Box & Input Boxes

  • Events

  • Application Setting



Unit 5

  • Introduction to Power BI
    -Components of Power BI
    -Connecting to data (Excel and csv)

  • Power Query Editor - Data Transformation
    -Merging and Appending Queries
    -Renaming Columns, replacing values, Column profiling, etc.
    -Adding Conditional Columns
    -Transforming Numeric, Text and Date columns

  • Data Modelling
    -Model tab
    -Managing Relationships
    -Data tab
    -DAX formulae

  • Power BI Desktop
    -Data Tab - Changing column properties
    -Report Tab - Data Visualization
    Charts in Power BI
    Matrixes and tables
    Map Visualizations
    Modifying colors in charts and visuals
    Shapes, text boxes, and images
    Page layout and formatting

Unit - 6

  • Quantitative Reasoning

  • Logical Reasoning 


    Critical Reasoning

  • Integrated Reasoning

  • Verbal Reasoning

  •  Integrated Reasoning

40 Hours Of Aptitude

  • ​How to build Resume

  • How to write Cover Letter

  • LinkedIn Profile Building Session

  • Git Hub Profile Making

  • How to do Job Application 

  • How to give PPT Presentation

  • Telephonic Etiquette

  • Email Etiquette

  • Mock Interviews

20 Hours of Soft Skills Training

Apply for our Deep Dive in Business Analytics Course.

Appear for your Business Analytics Aptitude test followed by a Personal Interview.

Students will have to pay the course fees after signing the ISA Track.

Apply for the Premium Business Analytics Program

Start your Business Analytics Training

Train with us 12 weeks on 09 industry-relevant tools.

Prepare for Mock Interviews and Placement Process.

SkillEnable's Placement Fair

Tool focused interview preparation every weekend during the course.

Resume building, GitHub profile building, Cover Letter Preparation, Presentation skills, Business Communication Skills Training.

Personal Placement Mentor for each student.

Get referred to our 500+ Hiring Partners.

Land your Dream Job

Work with the best companies in the country

Program Road Map

Learn now pay later

Training from highly experienced instructors.

data science course in kolkata

100% Live Online Learning with 1:1 Mentorship

Learn now pay later

Get industry-endorsed certification from SkillEnable 

online data science course

140+ hours of live exhaustive training  sessions split over 12 weeks with Lifetime assess to the course materials. 

Learn now pay later

Active job referrals from 500+ Fortune Companies.

data science course

40 hours of exhaustive holistic development training and 20 hours of SoftSkill Training 

data science course in kolkata

Learn over 09 industry-relevant tools.

Placement with a Minimum Course Fee Activation Amount

Course Details

Data Science Course with TensorFlow

Why Income Share Agreement is Unique & Helpful?

  • ISA  is an arrangement where you get an opportunity to Learn now and pay the full course fee only after you start earning a sustainable amount of income which is the minimum guaranteed CTC for us. 


  • ISA saves you from worrying about traditional education loans or using your savings and getting trapped in debts, in case, you do not get a high-paying job.


  • You do not have to pay us anything if you do not start earning with a minimum guaranteed CTC.


  • Course fee payment is directly linked to the outcome of the course.

data science course

Get Certified in 3 Months!

Start Learning Today!

  • Globally recognized certification from SkillEnable.

  • Pay a part of the tuition fees only after you earn more than or equal to the Minimum Course Fee Activation Amount.

  • Earn between 4LPA- 18 LPA.

  • 100% Live Online Training.

  • Taught by 15+ years of experienced Industry Experts.

  • Apply your skills with hands-on projects & Case Studies.

  • No prior coding experience is required to do this course. 

  • Industry Approved Certificate upon completion.

Unbeaten Salary

Data is the fuel of the 21st Century. The demand for data scientists is high, making it a lucrative career option.

online data science course

Rising Demand

With ever-evolving consumption patterns and changing market scenarios - Companies are rapidly putting Data Analysts at the core of their business and operation.

data science course

Top Skill

According to LinkedIn In 2020, Analytical, Data-Driven Skills like Data Analytics reign supreme.

online data science course

Evolving Discipline

Increasing use of Data Analytics in areas of Healthcare, Education, Agribusiness industries creates a huge demand for Data Analyst.

data science with python

Why Data Business Training? 

Learn now pay later

Top Companies that Hire From Us!

SkillEnable has 500+ Hiring partners who have hired our students for roles like Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Associate, Python & ML Expert, Subject Matter Expert in Data Science, Product Managers, Junior Manager, Financial Analyst & Quality Analyst.

Join #1 Data Science Training & Placement Institution in India


SkillEnable's Minimum Guarantees:


What's better than guaranteed success?


At SkillEnable, promises come before payments. We charge fees only when you start earning equal to or more than the Minimum guaranteed CTC.

For Freshers

  • 4LPA - 18LPA

For Working Professionals

  • 10% - 25% hike or between 4LPA- 8LPA whichever is maximum

data science with python

Program Features!

data science course with placement assistance

Payment and Enrolment

Students selected by a final interview by experts can pay the course fee and start with the course.

data science course

Online Assessment & Interview

Students will go through an assessment on Quantitative, Critical Reasoning, and Interpersonal skills followed by an Interview.

data science


Filling an extensive application forms with academic, professional  and personal background.

data science course in kolkata

Document Verification 

Students previous mark  sheet and employment details will be collected to verify it during the placement process.

Our Selection Process

It's an Intensive and Elite 3 Months Program with an Extensive Selection Process.


Our Media Presence


Data Science Course with Tableau
Data Science Course with Python

Get 100% Lifetime Placement Assistance ​

We provide lifetime placement assistance to all our students . Our Virtual hiring drive gives the opportunity to interview with SkillEnable's 500+ hiring partners ensuring the career one desires.

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