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SkillEnable focuses on developing you as the prime target of recruiters by developing  interpersonal and interview skills along with regular curriculum.

Become a Target Hire

SkillEnable focuses on developing you as the prime target of recruiters by developing interpersonal and interview skills along with a regular curriculum.

Industry Relevant Tools

Get hands-on learning experience of various relevant industry tools and also practice real-life cases studies and Capstone projects using the Latest Data Science tools.

Tailor-made Curriculum

Individual candidate focused curriculum and soft skill enhancement.

data science course with placement assistance
data science with python
data science course
data science course
data science course

Eligibility Criteria

  1. A student with graduation in ( – IT / CSE / EC, BCA, MCA ) should start with Python Programming Course and then can go for CEHv12 course and then can go for specialization on Web Application Security/penetration testing. After which he/she can apply for Bug Bounty Course.       

  2. A student with graduation in ( Commerce, Arts, etc. other than science) should start with Networking (CCNA) course and hereafter go for the CEHv11 course and then go for a Network security / Penetration testing. After which he/she can apply for Bug Bounty Course

  • Introduction to Bug Bounty

  • What is VAPT

  • OWASP top 10

Unit 1 - 

  • Recon Methodology

  • Introduction to different bug bounty platforms(HACKERONE, BUG

Unit 2 - 

  • Cross Site Scripting(XSS)

  • Reflected

  • Stored

  • Dom based

Unit 3 - 

  • Http and Https both are available

  • Reset token leakage via third party referrer

  • The reset token is invalidated after use

Unit 4 -

  • Weak registration Implementation

  • html injection

  • Email html injection

Unit 5 - 

  • Introduction to Burp suite

Unit 6 -

  • Session cookie attack

  • Cookies

Unit 7 -

  • Cache misconfiguration back back refresh

  • Http secure

Unit 8 -

  • bWAp

  • Dvwa

  • Nmap

Unit 9 -

  • Introduction to burp suite

  • Status code manipulation

  • Response manipulation


Unit 10 -

  • Data tampering

  • Clickjacking

Unit 11 -

  • Spf record related

  • IDOR

  • Account takeover

Unit 12 -

  • No rate limit on sms Triggering

  • Rate limit on Password Reset

Unit 13 -

  • File upload

  • Google dorks

  • Exif metadata

Unit 14 -

  • SSRF

Unit 15 - 

  • CSRF(Cross Site Request Forgery)

Unit 16 - 

  • Github recon

  • Shodan

Unit 17 - 

  • Sql injection

Unit 18 -

  • Subdomain takeover

Unit 19 -

  • Some special bugs

Unit 20 -

Apply for our Deep Dive in Advanced Python Course.

Appear for your Data Science Aptitude test followed by a Personal Interview.

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Students will have to pay a registration fees after signing the ISA Track.

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Why Income Share Agreement is Unique & Helpful?

  • ISA  is an arrangement where you get an opportunity to Learn now and pay the full course fee only after you start earning a sustainable amount of income which is the minimum guaranteed CTC for us. 


  • ISA saves you from worrying about traditional education loans or using your savings and getting trapped in debts, in case, you do not get a high-paying job.


  • You do not have to pay us anything if you do not start earning with a minimum guaranteed CTC.


  • Course fee payment is directly linked to the outcome of the course.

data science course

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  • Globally recognized certification from SkillEnable.

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  • Taught by EC Council Certified and experienced Industry Experts.

  • Apply your skills with hands-on projects & Case Studies.

  • No prior coding experience is required to do this course. 

  • Industry Approved Certificate upon completion.

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data science with python

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